Daffodil Daliance

close up photography of daffodil flower

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – I truly had one of Oprah’s “Aha moments” this past week. I love daffodils and on my drives from home to offices and in between there are countless gardens in full bloom – great wondrous clumps of yellow glory. So, for a few days, I would think about all of the small fortunes I have spent in my adult life trying to grow daffodils in my own gardens.

I remember distinctly when I was first married that I spent some of my precious little disposable income on a case of 50 daffodil bulbs, which I planted in the fall with great hope and watched patiently in the spring to see not even one come up! My neighbour thought maybe the squirrels ate them. I’m not sure what happened, but I know for sure that I am the common denominator because that was over twenty years ago and I have not yet successfully planted daffodils that bloomed in the spring.

So, I started to lay some plans as I saw these wonderful flowers last week in other people’s gardens – to try again, to remember to buy bulbs and to maybe research what I am doing wrong so that I can finally have the narcissistically fantastic display like all of these other homes on my route.

Then it happened – my “Aha.” I have been enjoying these displays of daffodils for days, as I see them regularly on my drives, but I have not actually spent time in my own yard to any great degree for three weeks. I do not need to own the beauty to enjoy it. I do not need to coral pretty flowers into my own yard, I do not need the grass to be greener in the space I call mine; I can just enjoy what is already all around me. I am already enjoying the flower beds on my drives and I am clearly quite deficient in growing ability. Maybe this applies to all kinds of things, but for sure I am resolute to enjoy beauty wherever I find it.

Photo by Travis Saylor on Pexels.com

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