Capturing Time

black and white photo of clocks

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – A time capsule is a really cool idea, and what I learned most this week is that it is also a hard concept to describe. Many of the guests in attendance to the rather rainy time capsule ceremony this week peppered me with questions. I tried hard to explain why we had decided to create a time capsule and what we hoped for by doing it.

A time capsule is a moment in time, a pause during which we think about what might physically represent where we are at this moment of our journey. Taking on the project was a great way for members of our over 30 teams to think about exactly where they are right now, and then to make a package of something to represent it.

It seems like everything is moving at a pace that is quick and ever-changing, and the time capsule offers us a moment of stillness that will be undisturbed. All of those wondrous memories are now sealed and safely stored in an amazing wishing well planter for the next five years. In that amount of time, so much will have changed – new faces, new ideas, new directions, more movement on the path of Community Living Trent Highlands.

And we will be able to have a huge event in our Haliburton garden to reflect on how things have changed and on where exactly the agency was in the fall of 2018.

Creating and burying a time capsule is a cool idea and I thank all who added memories to it. It is a whimsical and fun way to just take a few moments – and a lot of delicious desserts – to say, “Hey, we are doing great things now and will want to remember.”
Such a delightful day, and what I thought was a fantastic explanation. However, after all my long-winded and enthusiastic explaining, I have to admit that Annie and the others gave me yet another quizzical look and asked “But what is the point?”

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