The Kindness Effect

close up of leaf

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – Where does a kindness end or stop being important? There are great thinkers in this world who believe that the effect of one positive thought changes everything, forever. It is a well known theory that, if time travel were something that was real, the most disastrous thing would be to change even the smallest detail because you’d thus alter the trajectory of the future so much that there would be no present to return to that would resemble the present that you left.

I wonder though, if we all accept that theory ~ and pretty much everyone does ~ why don’t we feel the same about changes in the present. If a butterfly crushed under a time travelers boot alters the outcomes of wars and famines for hundreds of years in the future (I think I saw a movie based on that) how much is one act of kindness able to change the future from the here and now?

A wise woman in the Peterborough office put “Kindness, pay it forward” on the inspiration board and, in one week, the board was filled with more comments and words of kindness. That, my friends, could alter the outcomes of wars and famines hundreds of years from now. Kindness moves things forward in a way that can never slide backward. Keep on sprinkling that sparkle everywhere.

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