Digital Downside

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From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – This week I received a text with sad news from a friend. In the few seconds that I was thinking of how to respond, I noticed the usual offerings of my phone itself. I have been noticing, for quite a while now, that the artificial intelligence I call my ‘phone’ often anticipates what I want to say with a degree of accuracy. For example, I often say “yepperooni” by text and, despite the fact that this intellectual response cannot be found in Webster’s dictionary, my phone has made the connection and often offers this option to me as a quick one-touch reply.

This week however, my phone offered, “Awesome news” as a suggestion to this very sad and troubling text. Where did that come from?

This experience reminded me, though, that in a world of one-touch responses, funneled web interests and pattern recognition, there is still a human touch needed – our human capability, our human compassion, our human intuition, our human empathy and thought processes.

DifiIt would seem that Siri and Alexa are capable of just about anything, from turning on the lights and playing my favourite song to remembering all of the phone numbers that I no longer store in my head anywhere. But, when it comes to sadness and the messy bits of life, I know that is not ‘awesome news’ – it is the stuff of life. We all go through the storms that are most certainly not ‘awesome news’ and I’ve got your back.

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