The Wisdom of Three

baby touching woman s face

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – I have been spending some time with my three year old nephew lately and I have learned a few things. Firstly, I have learned that without my notice or really any planning, I have become very fond of quiet time and toy-free floors. More importantly, I have been reminded of timeless behavioural truths. If you want to the change the pace of what you are doing just blurt out two words as you travel, “Let’s race.” If you want to do something with another person who seems reluctant, simply repeat “come on” over and over until they buckle. And as a last resort in all things simply say, “I love visiting you” and after that statement almost any wish will immediately be granted to uphold the status of being a favoured aunt.

Perhaps greatest of all, my nephew teaches me to embrace the moment, to experience the emotion of what is happening and then move on. He has awakened in me a
genuinely new appreciation for the classic getting dirty and experiencing the wonder of nature. I love visiting with him.

It is Easter. Take some time, look around, catch a moment of wonder, be exuberant and playful – come on, come, come on, come on, get in there and enjoy and recharge. Let’s race!

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