Scissors Savvy

several scissors

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – Recently at an event, I noticed that one of the little ribbons for hanging blouses was showing on a friend’s neck. I said, “Your hanger ribbon is showing” and tucked it in for her at the back. She said something like, “Oh I hate when that happens” and I boldly said, “Oh I know, I always cut mine off. Then it happened … one of those pivotal moments of knowledge exchange. She said, “I do, too, except when needed and this blouse needs them.” In a flash, I pictured the three or four tops that I always find on the floor of my closet and have to re-hang, over and over. These same tops all had hanger ribbons, but I cut them off at the same time as I cut off the purchase tags, as is my way. For some reason, it never occurred to me, even though I know what their designed purpose is, to make sure they were not needed. I am so annoyed about how they fly about and creep out from under my blouse that I always cut
them off and, consequently, pick up clothes from my closet floor.

Makes me wonder what else I am cutting off because I find it a hassle? What else am I automatically doing in habit that actually, if I did the opposite, could offer me great support? What other built-in safeguards am I short circuiting just because I always have?

Makes me wonder if we are not all slicing some ribbons and that, if we took a second look, could be handy helpers in lots of ways and could keep lots of valuable time, talent or issues from crashing to the floor.

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