Turtle Teachings

turtles.jpgFrom the desk of Teresa Jordan – I have had a week with a theme, and that theme has been turtles.

I had an appointment and was driving with a staff member when we passed a snapping turtle laying eggs; we both remarked that it was our first turtle sighting of the year.

Later that day the same staff member found a fatally injured turtle and took time off to get it to the trauma centre for care.

The following day I spotted a painted turtle crossing the road and before I could turn around another car stopped to help it safely off the road.

What do all of these turtles mean?  I guess and I hope that a society that helps turtles helps one other. That a slow-moving turtle can slow down a fast-moving car means that we are still taking time to notice and to care.

Perhaps the turtles are the ones helping us across the divide to busy, distracted and speedy days by stopping us to help another creature that truly can never reciprocate.  Turtles, so much to slowly teach, so much to slowly win in the race of a day, so many reasons to cross the road.

Photo source Pexels.com


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