Crop Report

brown wheat plant

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – I will always take an interest in farm life around me, those hard-working men and women who feed and always clothe me at the mercy of the weather and other hazards. This is a bad year – fall wheat did not thrive, it has been too wet to plant other crops on time and no hay is coming off in good shape with all of the rain.

It is bad. A field of fall wheat near my house had a huge patch of yellowed, sparse plants in it. I noticed this week that the farm operators have cut their losses on that part of their land and have over-seeded it with another crop. Doing this must be a tough decision, to abandon one crop’s future and start over.

How often do we have to do this? Best laid plans, partners, jobs, health – all, under the wrong conditions, do not thrive and somehow we then have to decide – do we let it be and see whether things will turn around, or do we turn that soil over and start with something new. Tough decision to make because presumably that whole rest of the field is healthy, or that is our favourite crop or that is what we really, really want to grow.  I guess it is just one of those leaps of faith that life is full of that we must make… soy beans are good too.

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