Not so Random Acts of Kindness


From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – This week we celebrated Random Acts of Kindness day, and while having a day set aside does seriously dampen some of the randomness, it was a wonderful day of surprises and joy.  From a delightful coffee, to a bowl full of inspirational quotes to flowers, the kindness piled up.

It is often passed around Facebook and other places of wisdom sharing that kindness is free, kindness is strong and kindness is necessary as we are all fighting battles about which others know nothing.

Being kind is not as fluffy and easy as it sounds. It means that sometimes you have to look past a rude remark or mean action, look past a troubled past relationship or a blatant attack on your character. You have to squelch that part of you that wants to sting back, and instead dig deeply for a kind thought, word or action.

Kindness is brave, kindness is intentional, kindness is always the best course and kindness most often benefits the giver in unexpected or unintended ways.

Wonderful day, super idea, let’s make every day a “somewhat planned random acts of continual kindness” day. It

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never hurts to keep the joy moving in ripples all around.

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