Back to the [Basket] Basics

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From the desk of Teresa Jordan – I read a book that overall, I did not love. It was a book that aimed to help empower yourself and others. It was a little over the top and was filled with lists of how to define a good life. The list included a good home and while this is where the book lost me, it gave me an interesting insight for an empowered home.

Near the top of the list the author asked, “Do you have houseplants?” Then way down the list of pretty far out ideals it said “Do you water your house plants?” This made me laugh out loud as I reflected on how long it took me to really get how much water hanging pots of annuals need in the summer. Turns out it’s a lot and for about a decade of my adulthood many many died while I was trying to water them just once a week as i did my houseplants.  Now I am committed to a little sprinkle every day and most of the flowers live.

So, this was a book ultimately about empowerment and here is what I think: the houseplants need to not only be in the house, but they need to be watered. People, hobbies, passions and goals need to not just be there, they need a little sprinkle of encouragement, time, interest, reflection and focus every day.

I think we sometimes get caught up with our busy lives and think hey I have the houseplants there – when I am less busy, I will pay attention; when I have time, I will further explore my interests. Soon.

A little sprinkle every day and no need to explain dead crispy annuals to the next-door neighbour (or yourself).  🙂

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