Freezing Feat

family of three lying on bed showing feet while covered with yellow blanket

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director  – “… with his Grinch feet ice cold in the snow, stood puzzling and puzzling, how could this be so?” Dr. Seuss

I have a bad habit, I walk short distances in the snow with my bare feet. Walking in the snow like this is not a Yukon survivalist thing, it is simply a matter of there never being slip-on shoes nearby when I want to quickly get my dog’s attention, or make the short trip to the car, or take out some last minute recycling – and all of these things need doing when I am in my jammies. So, it’s cold, it’s a freezing feeling, but I know that as soon as I leap back through the door, I will wipe my feet on the mat and all will be warm.

For some reason when I watched the Grinch this week for the 56,789th time in my lifetime, his cold feet stood out to me just before he makes his grand revelation that “Christmas is something more.” I know that feeling of freezing feet, was that part of his puzzling success?

The big ideas, changes, insights often are uncomfortable at first. There is often a time of puzzling until our puzzlers are sore, as we wade deeper and deeper into complexities. Freezing feet, discomfort in our age-old beliefs, a questioning of what we thought we knew, or yet another perspective in something we thought we knew for sure – these are all part of the passage through as we lean in and learn.

I know what it is for my feet to feel cold, for a really short time, and I know the warm mat is nearby. So jump into the puzzling, the warmth of a new you, new idea, new perspective – a revelation, a puzzle solution is close at hand.

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