Rooftop Rebel

close up photo of owl with one eye open

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – I attended a meeting this week on the second floor of an office building in Peterborough. Now, while I was paying full attention at that meeting, I was also looking out the window.  On a building across the street I could see the roof and, on it, a humongous owl decoy.

As a continued to scan around – while paying full attention to the meeting, of course – I noticed that other roofs had birds on them, but the one with the “owl” did not. I was impressed that this very simple gesture actually worked and proved an easy deterrent for unwanted birds nesting and pooping on buildings.

I focused my attention back to the meeting for a while, and then turned my gaze back out the window several minutes later. This time I noticed that same owl decoy, only this time there was a bird perched on its head. I am no ornithologist; however, I am pretty sure that a real owl would not allow that kind of thing.

So, what did I learn outside of the gripping content of the meeting at hand? Sometimes the greatest schemes, plans, intentions, designs and solutions simply do not work out.  Sometimes all seems well and the birds are staying completely out of your business, and sometimes those same problems are perched directly on your head.

What are we to do?  I guess just rework the plan, try another angle, wash the poop out of our hair and work on a better solution.  I think the other reminder here is that when we think we have the best possible solution, make sure we check back in twenty minutes or so because everything could be completely different.

Photo by Jean van der Meulen on

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