Pandemic Paradox

globeFrom the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – Who knew that amidst a global pandemic I would learn how to make homemade play-doh or be able to access a zillion free online books, concerts and music? Who knew that I would see people band together, be creative and sing on rooftops? And yet, perhaps deep down we have always known that as a species we survived for millions of years by depending upon one another, hunting and gathering as a group.

Now we are faced with that same level of survival dependent on each other and we rise.  We rise when we distance, we rise when we reach out in big and small ways to connect, we rise when we get creative and make joy happen.  I see people who are making the most of it – connecting on Facebook, holding street parades and making sure there is no one left behind in true isolation.

Another learning I have had lately is that clearly, I am just like Olaf from Frozen – only with more complicated emotions and wardrobe – I like warm hugs. I like celebrating with a high five, a hug or at the very least my well-practiced firm executive handshake. We cannot touch but must stay in touch.

I am proud of the actions taken by our levels of government, I am proud of how seriously most Canadians are taking the crisis and I am proud that in the distance, as a community, we have grown closer. I will remember most from this time of social distancing that I found out how socially connected and interwoven we all truly are in this thing called life.

Image: Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash

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