Our Outward Looking Angels

man with wings standing on brown mountain peak

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – When I was the shared Executive Director, I stayed two to five nights in Haliburton every month at the same wonderful Bed and Breakfast. From the parking lot to the entrance you walked past a bay window and in it there were several angels. Here is the memorable thing – even though the owners own living space and sitting room was on the other side of the bay window
the angels all faced outward. They looked out the window at the patrons walking to the entrance of the B&B wing.

I asked the owner once why the angels looked outward … she explained that the angels were not interested in watching one person sit on her couch; their domain was the world and all that  it needed.  I saw something similar on a recent drive to work… Care Bears all lined up in a bay window looking out with a poster that read, “Thank you.” ‘

In this time of social isolation, we are turning inward – spending more time at home, more weekends not going out, more time with family members not leaving the house either. We might be tempted to turn our angels around and focus their gaze on our most beloved inside four walls.

I think though, that we should turn more angels around. Send positive thoughts, send good vibes, send best wishes and gratitude – and spread that stuff around like confetti. Those Care Bears were in fact onto something – they did not band together to form a super ninja fighting bear that beat foes into submission – the old cartoon had
them line up and spread their positive power.

Think positive, send love, use your power of what is joyful to shore up an anxious world. Keep your inner angel facing a world that needs a little love.

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Pexels.com

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