Changing the Channel

grayscale photo of girl lying on floor

“There were seventy-five people in the lobby and only a seven-year-old girl was finding out what it felt like to sit on the marble floor.” Hugh Prather

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – I miss my huge family and all of the contact that I usually enjoy with my siblings, nieces and nephews. I am so grateful for Face-time, Snap-chat and the videos and photos that fill in this gap.

One of my brothers has three girls under the age of four. It is a busy household and Disney princesses seem to reign supreme. While I cannot visit them, I do get to enjoy a lot of footage of their energy and smiles.

Here’s the thing – the girls are almost never wearing clothes. They are sometimes half dressed, or wearing princess dresses or variations on costumes; but most often these girls are not wearing anything at all. I love this – they are home, they are safe, they are living in their imagination-filled adventures of childhood, and they are together. They are getting into scraps, excitements, games, challenges and worlds of pretend.

And while I am not contemplating wearing only the skirt and crown of a snow white gown any time soon, what I am thinking about is what it feels like to be a little girl with two sisters and no worries, dress codes or stresses pressing into their lives from a pandemic – nor just regular old – life.

How do we channel our inner half-dressed princess, how so we watch a movie not sitting on the couch but singing and acting out the scenes? How do we reacquaint with
this kind of unfettered joy even for a few minutes? I am sure that my three beautiful nieces wonder why I am never in costume or in a state of undress in my chats – that I’m not probably makes no sense to their understanding of the world and all that it offers.

Let’s take any opportunity we have to “Let it go” and live life like a 3-year-old again.

Photo by Gustavo Fring on

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