Some days are like that

person riding a bicycle during rainy day

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – Some days are hard even in Australia.

One of my favourite bedtime stories with my kids was Alexander and the No Good Horrible Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst. In the book a young man has an exceptionally bad day up to and including lima beans for supper. Perturbed, he threatens to move to Australia. At the end of the book, his mom gently says, “Some days are like that, even in Australia.”

What I love is that at the end there is no glorious resolution, group hug or spontaneous sundae-making party that turns the whole day around. The young man just goes to bed and that is that. I’ve recently felt like reading the story to my kids so they could understand – some days are bad, some are horrible, there are things beyond our control (like lima beans) that do not make us feel good – and there is usually some goal or reality just beyond our reach that looks so much better.

And while we are tempted to say, “Have a cookie” or “look on the bright side,” there is not always a fix or a “turn your frown upside down” option. Sometimes we just have to say, “bad days happen, even in Australia” and tomorrow is a different day.

There is a virus, there are government decisions, there is crisis, there are health challenges, there is a pandemic isolation policy that seems to never end. I know that we all know how to get past bad days, to problem-solve, to be grateful in distress, to rise and find some sparkle.  I guess I am just reminding myself and everyone around me that some days are bad and we just need to put on our pajamas and go to bed; tomorrow could be different – and might have cookies

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