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From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – July is one of my 12 favourite months. It has a special place in my heart because my birthday is in July.

I will just take a moment to talk to all of you born in the summer as we share something. We share the deep-rooted disappointment that at school we never got to wear the birthday crown or hear our names on the announcements or find our locker decorated by friends.

But outside these small heartaches, the joyful season that is summer is a great time to celebrate just about anything. The weather is glorious and the options outside are endless – swimming, boating, campfires, gardening or just enjoying a lack of snow.

One of my favourite summer activities is a quick swim before bed. I float and look up at the stars, get a little exercise and then maximize the efforts of my air conditioner when I go to bed already cooled down.

A few nights ago, I had a terrifying experience. There I was in one of my favourite places, looking up at the starry night, when I realized that I was not alone. Something touched me in the dark. As it turns out, the interloper was a giant black water beetle; I however, determined it to be a Loch Ness relation and I panicked.

Now, giant is not an exaggeration here – the beetle was over two inches long, and I am pretty sure it was wearing swimming trunks … but I cannot be sure because I flung it from the pool. This incident made me a little nervous to take part in my “pool and stars” ritual the next night, but I did, and I remained alone.

From scary beasts in the pool to a sad lack of school birthday pizzazz, I still will not be deterred from loving the summer and all that it has to offer – even when it is doing the back stroke beside me in the pool – we’re cool.

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