Trust Worthy

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – This past weekend I went for a boat ride down the Scugog river. In case you are picturing cedar planking and white pants, our boat is a 14-foot aluminum vessel, seaworthy and really all we need.

I was struck by the boat launch process. You must back almost into the lake and completely submerge the trailer – both of which seems a little daunting. Then when you are just about to panic, the boat floats off the trailer, you untether it and the vehicle and trailer safely pull on to dry land.

There are all kinds of things in which you must trust – that the boat launch is well conditioned, that the water you are backing into is not full of spikes and nails, that once where you need to be the boat will actually float.

Such is the way that life often seems – we have to back into murky unknowns, have faith in the work of others and be ready to untether in order to really float. On the other side of all those tricky and scary manoeuvres a grand new adventure awaits.

What are we in charge of in this new adventure is the seaworthiness of our boat – making sure that all is ready to embark and when in the right position there will be lift off.

Additionally, in boating and in life, we need to have a good strong hold when the floating starts so that we do not lose hold of the next big excursion.

Photo by Jayant Kulkarni on

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