Sister Act

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – Since my family could not gather for Thanksgiving, I suggested we post that for which we are grateful on the private Facebook page that we share. I asked each sibling to post on Sunday and then immediately began crafting what I thought would be the mushiest and most profound post of the day (mine, of course).

To my surprise, on the Saturday before the deadline, my youngest sister beat me to the punch with the most sincere, introspective and delightful post. She mentioned each sibling and how much they mean to her, listing what she was most thankful about for each, and then for the whole family.

To put this sister’s post in perspective, you should know that her thank you comments at Thanksgiving dinners of the past four years or so have all focused on her favourite alcoholic beverage. So, her contribution this year was absolutely unexpected, wonderfully heartwarming and wobbling.

My youngest sister’s comments set the tone and soon everyone was adding insights equally engaging about their gratitude for in this big, slightly functional family.

This experience with my sister is a truly good reminder not to assume or make predictions based on past behaviour or the little personality boxes in which we like to catalogue people.

All of this left me unsure of my next move, where did my planned wholehearted, well-crafted mush-fest belong now? I found myself following my husband’s lead for comments and our profound contemplation was this “We are thankful that on Thanksgiving weekend pumpkin pie is an acceptable breakfast food.”

And I am thankful for the nudge that nobody should be judged on who they were even yesterday – things could be entirely different today.

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