Got Game?

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – There is a natural rhythm to the seasons and, despite a world in chaos, that rhythm remains.

We are entering the season of darkness and quiet – the sun setting early, no insects singing us to sleep, very little bird song, the snow muffling almost everything else. This is a time to take things a little slower, to maybe cuddle up with a book, start a new indoor hobby, spend some time in the stillness to listen to your own small voice. In my house this is the season of board games. And for this week the game of choice has been crokinole.

My dad was a huge fan and competent competitor, so I have a long history with crokinole, but have not played in a while. So, this past weekend when my kids dusted off the board, I quickly realized that the game takes practice. I think that I would be pretty good at it if there were no challenging obstacles in the pegs around the centre, and no rule that you have to hit an opponent when there is one on the board. I think I could make smooth, clear shots to the centre with ease and stack up 25 pointers in no time flat.

But then I must reflect. Is it still a fun game, a challenge, a fitting competition with no obstacles, irritations or struggle to make it to the high points areas? And somewhere between having a laugh at my rusty misses and flipping the board over in frustration, I reflect that the fun and the appeal really does rest in the tough parts.

The year 2020 has a lot of pegs in the board, but I was reminded by several people this week – have lived through it will make the return to all those precious things we miss all the more wonderful. And next year, high points will be that much sweeter.

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