Keep on Truckin’

Photo by Luka Susak on

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – Well, in few days we will be ushering in a new year. For many or most of us, we are hoping the new year is better than the old as we tackle a totally different kind of Christmas season.

Any time that I go to Lindsay for work I make a left at the corner of highways 35 and 7. There is an advanced green light there, but sometimes I do have to stop in the turning lane.

One day I stopped a little late and a big 18-wheeler was making a left hand turn at the intersection. The driver
glared down at me and I felt like a totally incompetent driver as I sheepishly backed up to allow room for him to turn.

After this experience I have tried to remember to stop well back in case another big truck is making a left. I was so proud last week as I anticipated the amber changing to red and stopped well back, as I could see a B- train truck waiting with its double trailer to make the left.

I was super glad that I had paid attention.

The driver, seeing me well back … glared down at me as if to say, “You think I can’t drive or something?”

So it would seem there is a lesson here right? Drive like you ought to in this life, make the
decisions that feel right, follow your own true north because either way you are probably going
to get glared at.

Drive well and stay safe. May the year 2021 bring you peace, hope and health … and may it be glare-free.

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