Check Engine!

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – When I thought my children were far too young, my husband surprised them with dirt bikes. 

I was a little frightened by this development, but he explained to me that there was a way that he could to adjust the engines so that they would stay at lower speeds. I have no idea what I am talking about here, but he called it a governor – an engine is limited in some way to prevent overwork, higher speeds and/or overheating. So, as it turns out, these smallish children ripping around our property on their little red dirt bikes could be pressing hard on the gas to speed up and the engine simply did not follow suit.

This memory makes me think about all of us ripping around, focusing on problems, challenges and events. There are times during our hustle that I think we are imagining that we need more speed or power, but do not seem to be able to adjust. Perhaps there are also governor forces at play, and we are not aware.

If we are feeling stuck or slowed down is there something we are not readily aware of that is holding back our power, our drive, our motivation? My children did not know about the governing until they became a little older and it was removed, and suddenly they had speed and power like never before. 

An unaddressed misunderstanding, a difficult conversation not yet had, poor sleep, pie as the choice for breakfast too many days in a row – all manner of challenges could be slowing down our internal combustion. Take a look under that hood and perhaps you will find a way to adjust to you maximum “ripping” speed potential.

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