Syrupy Sweetness

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – I recently decided to make one healthy change, to swap out my usual yogurt cup for plain yogurt and plain berries. This would save tons of sugar.

My husband usually packs my lunch and was on board. Easiest change in the world, as the replacement was just as yummy each day.

It was several weeks before something came up and I had to pack my own lunch. I remarked to my husband that something must have been off because my yogurt and berries was not tasty at all. It was then that he told me – he did not think I would enjoy the new combination and had been adding a bit of maple syrup.

Seems to me this happens often, and we may not even know, that someone around us is adding the maple syrup.Making the shift, the day, the meeting, the interaction sweeter by adding something uniquely wonderful. And how often do we only notice the magic after a person has moved on, or when they are absent? How often do the people around us gauge what we need and adjust? Know that we really cannot face that task and do it for us? See that we are depleted and offer us a joke or compliment?

Take some time to look for the maple syrup that someone is adding to your day – acknowledge it, revel in it, say thank you and then in turn add that liquid gold to someone else’s. There can be no upper limit to this sweet magic for one another to help the sour cherries of the day go down.

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