Small Steps to big dreams

From the desk of Teresa Jordan – I recently was talking with a friend who had an interesting story. She had received a call from a close friend about going on a wine tour in the Niagara region for a few days. It did not take any convincing at all, it was perfect, a few days at the end of July to sip at wine, enjoy the sunshine and scenery with a good friend.  She said yes immediately and e-transferred the money needed. 

The next day the friend emailed all the information for the tour. It was then that it was noticed that this was a biking tour. Several kilometres of biking between wineries and vineyards seems the stuff of Hallmark movies, unless you do not regularly bike. 

I guess the takeaway here is that while lots of things should make us excited enough to agree on the spot, there are a few questions we should ask to ensure we have the whole picture, the whole agenda, know more of the facts. Lots of things may look like a sunny wine tour until we ask key questions. That is not to say that challenging answers or details should change our commitment, but at least we have time to purchase a gel seat. 

I think that we often set goals or determine a direction that we want to go, and then rush the in-between step of breaking that goal down into smaller steps. Ideally, I think that a big goal should be taken in small bites that can be celebrated and accomplished along the way so that we stay motivated and stay on track. In setting those small steps, the details of what is needed will come into focus, and we will know that while we are sure of where we are headed, there could be a lot more pedaling involved than first planned.

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