Mind Control

From the desk of Teresa Jordan – I recently had the pleasure of listening to Nancy Brownsberger as part of her webinars prepared for one of our teams.  She challenged listeners to think about this question: “Is the way I am speaking to myself the way I want to live my life now and into the future?” 

I have been trying to meditate more and the one thing I can say that I have mastered is just being more mindful of how my mind chatters away almost endlessly. And some of the time this mind of mine is jumping to nonsensical conclusions about the actions of others. Those conclusions seem to be connected back to my being shunned by a group of girls in grade four … because almost all my conclusions end up being, “I guess they do not like me anymore.”

I think we can all say that there is a small voice inside that seems bent on making us feel like less, having negative things to say about how we look, what we just said or how we are fitting in. Is how we are speaking to ourselves, and is this how we want to live?

Nancy says that we need to look for truth, look for evidence. And yes, sometimes we’ll realize that we have things we need to work on to be more supportive or flexible, but more often as we analyze the evidence, we find that that small negative voice has no business bringing us down today – or any day. 

Counter the voice with facts and ground yourself in the truth of your awesomeness.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

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