A Sign of the Times

From the desk of Teresa Jordan – It gets dark pretty early, the tell-tale sign that it is fall. With all of the pandemic alterations to life, it seems I do not drive at night very much anymore. So, coming home after 9 from Haliburton recently I was a little out of practice in the art of relying on the headlights to lead me home.

This realization made me think about how, when driving in the dark, you can only see a dozen metres in front of you, and you must trust your knowledge of the road, the other drivers, and signs and markers to get where you are going.  In fact, it wasn’t until I drove from Sault Ste. Marie to Wawa in the dark once that I realized there is a sign posted to warn of every bend in the road.  I was not familiar with the road, and it had a million bends. I leaned on those warning signs for guidance.

I guess that is how things feel right now – we do not know what our destination looks like, what the long-game after COVID might involve, how things will get resolved or how long all of that will take.  We just have to do the next right thing, watch the signs, look for guidance, trust the other drivers and keep focused on that part of the future is illuminated.  We need to deal with the next right thing, and then the next right thing after that, and sometimes we will need to double back because a sign changed or we learned a new route. Little by little, though, we carry on and without ever seeing the sweeping vistas of the Lake Superior landscape we will reach our destination together.

Photo by Ivica Du017eambo on Pexels.com

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