The Truth will out

From the desk of Teresa Jordan – I love Harry Potter, the books especially. There is a line in The Order of the Phoenix – Mr. Weasley tells Harry – “As the muggles say, truth will out.”

This is a quote that has guided my sojourn countless times, even back when it was just from Shakespeare. To me it means that I have to walk in my truth and, while I might fall or misrepresent myself, I cannot own the bad opinion or judgement of another.  I can look that judgement over, decide whether I want to use any new material to improve myself, and then I must set it down. 

I know that I want to defend myself, talk it all out, force what I know to be true about myself to be considered. However, we sometimes get caught in situations where we said or did something that triggered a nasty response in someone, an aggressive hand gesture on the highway, a snarling reproach from a stranger at the store or, perhaps most horrible, a cruel attack by someone to whom we are close. The truth will out. When there can be no further conversation, no dialogue or mediation, when you must carry on without opportunity to defend or clarify or state intent that somehow got misinterpreted or was misdelivered, there is no amount of worry, anger, venting or practicing what you could have said that will heal the wound. 

You know who you are, what you were feeling, how you think, how you usually drive, or that you usually the follow arrows on the floor. The whole rest of your life will bear out the real you; the truth will out.  Sometimes we just need to set down, send out positive vibes and continue the journey that will keep on bearing out the real you, your truth.

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