Weathering the Storms

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – Sunday was a snowy day. I was so lucky as no one in my household had to go anywhere, so we all stayed home in the storm.

We live beside an intersection on the highway, and at about 5 pm on Sunday there was a major accident involving four cars at the corner. As a result, the traffic was rerouted to the back road behind our property.

This is a problem – I never take that road from November to March because it is never plowed well and has a humongous hill. As expected, by the time the accident was cleared there were seven cars in the ditch and both the fire truck and snow plow were stuck on the side road.

All of these traffic woes happened around me while I was watching Hallmark movies under a blanket – making me think about that timeless truth that there are battles going on all around us that we often know nothing about.

We are all doing what we need to, but often we can get rerouted – by illness, accident, family crisis or job changes. We suddenly must veer from our familiar path, and the detour can be treacherous. I guess while we focus on our own lanes, there needs to be at least an acknowledgement that others can easily be trapped on the snowy hills, quietly going through great challenge. We can’t know what is going on at all times, we can only be kind, aware and ready to share our blankets as needed.

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