So This is Christmas

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – When I was a kid, I went to my grandparents on Christmas day like so many folks do. Their farmhouse was overflowing with people and steaming supper and laughter. 

My grandparents lived on the top of the hill overlooking the massive urban center of Janetville. One of the things that I remember most about being there was going outside onto the cold porch by myself and looking across the lights of the neighbourhood. 

Finally, a little quiet and cool and alone time. Time to just breathe and loosen my pants a little if I am honest. I would only go out on the porch for a few moments, but it was a enough time to pause pause, a few moments to say to myself in the chaos, this is Christmas, this is family, this is a memory in the making right now, today.

Just like a lot of things I can’t stand out on that porch anymore; my grandparents have passed on, their farmhouse not only was sold but has since burned down, and I don’t see my cousins at Christmas anymore because families grow.

I still try to grab a porch moment whenever I can in the busy gatherings of my Christmas… a moment of cool stillness to just say, phew made it, Christmas is here, there is joy, there are lights, there is food. There is nothing else I can forget or write on a to-do list, the days are here now, and this is Christmas, this is awesome. 

I think the challenge of Christmas is that we want the magic of a Hallmark movie and most often end up in some version of the Griswold’s but it is all good, all Christmas, all a memory.  However, you celebrate the holidays, enjoy, grab a moment of peace and a moment to just breathe in the magic of the season. We shall not pass this day again.

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