Beacon in the Storm

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – I have read of this analogy a few times over the past year, the notion that lighthouses do not move around. Very simple I know but the idea here is that sometimes we want to move, play defense, intervene, react, save, and otherwise scramble in a million different directions in order to warn those we care about that something is needed. 

A lighthouse stays in one place and shines. It is in the knowledge that this lighthouse is there, that the light is there so that ship crews have known, for hundreds of years, that there is a cliff or rock or some other hazard nearby to avoid.

Equally, if a storm was raging or the journey home was long seeing, the lighthouse indicated that land was there, and home was close. Stay put, stay strong, stay rooted in who you know you are when you are your best self, and shine.

We can’t actually solve the problems of other people or prevent them from crashing, but we can offer guidance in how we make decisions or commit to improving, in how we shine.  And in your own journey who and what have offered you this same warning and comfort?  Who was shining and steadfastly there when you had to make a decision?  What phrase or truth shone bright when you were facing a dark time? 

Lighthouses do not move around; they stay rooted in rock. There is a lot of rocky danger in the world right now and one can feel capable of offering very little that will make a difference. You are, however, so valuable and shiny in who you are and being you! Shine it out; you could be the reason someone sees less of their own stormy seas.

Once the lighthouse is seen the rest of the sea is ignored.

Terri Guillemets

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