A Blanket Statement

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – I go camping in the autumn, and this past fall I bought an electric throw blanket to add a bit of extra warmth to my bunk on what can be cold October nights.  In fact, Thanksgiving 2021 was over 20 degrees so I did not end up needing my new acquisition; I instead placed it in the TV room thinking that on winter nights I might curl up under it. And there the blanket sat for months. 

Then a few days ago I was cold and so decided to fire it up. Just like when someone innocently gives you Godiva chocolate and the chocolate from the department store now tastes like wax, a heated throw ups the comfort game. I find myself now in a new category of television watching comfort. It’s not hot, it’s just the right amount of subtle warmth that I tuck it under my chin and do not want to move. 

I think this happens all the time – a new relationship in which you are so well treated you cannot imagine tolerating less; an illness that you had to face that makes it so you never take another minute for granted; the loss of a beloved that reminds you about what it is to truly be human. These are heated throw moments – moments in which you realize, hey, I am worth just a little bit more, I am capable of more, I expect more, I can do more.  What would happen if we all started to seek them out, fire them up and upped our game? Probably too much to lay on my little green striped throw, but makes me think, once we truly know our worth and accept nothing less, how far we can go with no looking back.

Photo by Jenna Hamra on Pexels.com

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