The Seeds of Wisdom

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – I recently attended a meeting with Chris from the Haliburton library, and he talked about a seed library that is coming soon to the area. What a cool idea, but the part of his presentation that resonated with me was that in his years of experience with the seed library he has learned a crucial piece of seed care wisdom. That lesson is, do not leave the seeds in the sun as they tend to grow. Without soil, water, compost or the odd plant karaoke, these little dry seeds tend to sprout in the sunshine. 

Imagine what we are capable of with a little sunshine! Give us a little encouragement, a little positivity, appreciation and warmth, and we tend to grow too. The seed library is all about encouraging people to learn and try growing their own food with ready access to the seeds. 

Fair warning to all of us really, if we are engaged in something joyful or engaging in something that we love so much the time flies by… we may sprout, we may grow, we may not be the same person in the same place we were when we started.

And what if we set out to shine a little sunshine on others, where would it end?  Sprouts all over the place, people setting new goals, finding confidence, walking a little taller and reaching just a little further.

Walk on the sunny side of the street whenever possible, both physically and if the conversation you find yourself in seems to be headed to the dark side. Look for the sun.  When left in the sun, we tend to grow. Seek out the sunshine wherever you can find it, your potential growth has no limit.

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