Banana Bread Banter

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – A lot of work has been done here lately about future leaders and succession planning. I am so excited to see the people who have decided to join the process, plan out goals with their managers and be a part of the future leaders gang. It is going to be a delight to see how new skills develop, new connections are made and careers are moved forward. 

Equally, I appreciate and rely on all of those who have chosen to focus on the role they are in now, make it great, put that kind of joyful energy into something else, like family, home renovations or a hobby.  There is an equal delight in knowing ourselves and what truly lights us up. 

I recently read the obituary for an HR director in another agency who sadly passed away. I know that she was a stupendous HR strategist and manager. Her obituary, however, focused on her awesome hugs, banana bread and adventures with her grandchildren.  She was great in her field, and clearly, she worked at it; her stretch goals, though, were focused on making her family and friends feel their value to her acutely, being vibrant in her relationships and apparently in perfecting banana bread. 

Seek out where you want to grow and stretch, and if it is your role at work stupendously, and if it is your role to be an awesome grandparent, both are equally amazing. I think the trick is that we keep on setting goals, growing and rippling out our joy and passion to all around, whatever it may be.

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