Enlightened under the Twinkle Lights

This past Friday we had our five year anniversary party in person and it involved the three major components of a great gathering: food, friends and dancing. 

The entire night had so many highlights and moments that made lots of people smile. I am especially grateful for a time when I was in the corner of the room and I was reminded by the person next to me to just take it all in. Just be in this moment – right here in the twinkle lights, loud music, laughter, dancing and chatting – and just be present. Like a few seconds to take a mental photograph that I could hold on to for the busy weeks ahead of a time where I was in a room filled to the rafters with joy. 

Things are getting busy and in some ways back to the kind of jam-packed weeks that were had before the pandemic. There are long to do lists, probably some unwashed laundry, some cluttered corners waiting to be straightened out. 

My daughter is a great teacher for me as she is so in tune with her own anxiety.  She told me this week that if she begins to worry when she goes to bed she simply takes a deep breath and says – that is tomorrow Emily’s problem.  So much can be said about staying present and realizing that all we can ever control is our own reactions.  Take a photograph of where you are right now and what is full of joy to remember, and take your worries and delegate them to your tomorrow self.  And whenever you can, find an event with the three joy making components of food, friends and dancing.

Photo by Uriel Mont on Pexels.com.

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