Falling for Autumn

There is such magic in the changing of the season to fall as so many different colours present themselves all around us. The trees wow us with all of their beautiful hues, frost-kissed plants turn yellow and even the remaining green conifers pop against the changing colours. I think that might be what I like most about autumn, that not all trees change.

Women’s magazines often talk about outfits that you can wear to work and then with a just a small change, go directly to an evening party – add a scarf and a different jacket, change the shoes. It’s amazing for all the fashions I have seen presented this way, how little this comes up for me. I leave work and go home.  

The deciduous trees are glamming up for a fall night club and the coniferous trees are just holding strong in their work clothes. The mix makes for a glorious fall display. Which I would say sums it up for all of us in the fall, some love the cooler weather, the pumpkin spice, the frosty mornings, definitely embracing the quick change to a night on the town. Others are wearing flip-flops and shorts as long as they can, having great difficulty with the earlier darkness and sort of marching into the season with no wardrobe change. And I guess I cannot leave out the last group and that is the group that cares not what the fashion of the season or day is, they are fully focused on Halloween decorating. All together, the mix is Vogue worthy.  

Photo by Jamie Saw on Pexels.com

One thought on “Falling for Autumn

  1. While I love the stunning reds and oranges, my favourites are the tamaracks. They fall into the unique category of a coniferous tree that changes colour and drops its needles. A couple of years ago, I was travelling witha friend on a day trip to the Barry’s Bay area and finally she asked, why are all those [pine] trees dying? I explained the unique category of the deciduous conifer, the larch tree. It is worth learning about how they can survive and how they are more resistant to fire than conifers.


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