The Season’s Greetings

I had the pleasure of being part of the Santa Claus parade in Haliburton with our stupendous Community Living Trent Highlands float. The tiny Haliburton parade boasted a record number of floats at 47 and we were near the end. We had all practiced our very best “Merry Christmas” greetings and waves. 

Once on the route we knew that the large crowd had already been waving and watching for 50 minutes… would they even look up at us? Yes, they did, more than 50 people told me to have a good Christmas and I gave them my brightest smile and best wishes right back. Sure, one could argue that we were all just doing what was expected, but you could also think of it as the best we humans have to offer one another, perfect strangers on a cold dark November evening, excited by a community event and truly wishing one another the best of the holidays.

This not unlike the way at the end of the day we often tell one another to have a good night or have a great weekend. And yes, this is somewhat social conforming, but if examined I think each of us could agree that we do want each other to have a good night or a merry Christmas or a spectacular weekend.

When I blow a kiss to my two year old nephew he mashes the imaginary kiss into his cheek with his hand and rubs it in. We could do the same when we are wished well – take a moment, take it in and take another second to mash it in good. 

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova on

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