Happiness Abounds

There is a tremendous line in the television show Afterlife starring Ricky Gervais, his character being told by a wise friend: “Happiness is amazing, its so amazing, it doesn’t matter if its yours or not.”

Now, let’s just sit with this for a moment… when I am upset, or scared, or worried or sad, someone else is happy. That is the way it works, people in their own lanes experiencing their own journeys, sometimes doing better than us, sometimes not.

Happiness could be seen as a mildly overused idea that we are smiling and walking in some kind of field of blooming flowers wearing flowing clothing? Or is it just that feeling deep down that we are where we need to be, that we have done something to be proud of, that things are going to work out or that someone around us is feeling theses things?

Happiness is amazing, we can lean on the contentment, joy and accomplishments of others when we’re running on empty. How stupendous then, that there are billions of people around us, close up and far away, to see being happy in their turns. New jobs, retirements, babies, weddings, new hobbies, new loves, excursions, graduations, even the odd divorce celebration complete with the ceremonial burning of the wedding dress – these things are making people around us happy and it is easily infectious if we celebrate for a moment with them. It doesn’t matter if its yours or not, its just there to be felt, to be celebrated to be noticed. There will be time for each of us to light up our wedding dresses of joy in our turn.

Photo by Zayceva Tatiana on Pexels.com

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