Everyday Magic

Person watching the stars at night

For the last few nights I have spent time looking at the stars. There has been that magical combination of not too much moonlight interference and a clear sky on white snow. I am always amazed by stars and their light, knowing full well that the night sky I am now seeing does not exist anymore due to how long light takes to travel. All that aside, these last few nights I have felt like I could reach up and snap Orion’s belt like my grandpa’s suspenders, it has seemed so close.

A few years ago when my kids were small, we endeavored to sleep on the trampoline. I say endeavor because we eventually went in the house for the night – too many bugs and our neighbor down the road plays drums at night – who knew? We were stargazing for hours, and that is a real game changer when it comes to star gazing. You feel immersed, you see nebulas and blankets of stars that you miss in a passing glance, satellites and meteors. Millions and millions of stars felt like they closed in all around us and the effect was magical. I feel like the important thing here was the time spent in the looking, that undistracted examination. What seemed like a hundred bright stars turned into millions of stars once my gaze settled and I let my eyes adjust.

There is a lot going on all the time at work, home, school, and everywhere that you connect in community. A second glance, a little time in examination, a couple extra questions in almost every situation go a long way in helping us all to see what may have been at first hidden. There are so many gifts and opportunities all around, we just have to settle in, slow down and look deeply for the opportunities will shine bright enough to catch our notice and change what we thought we knew – or what we thought would be our next step. With all the work of amalgamation, there is still so much magic in getting to know the communities, the people and the processes – shining stars by the millions. For all you do each day, thanks so much; you brighten the corners where you are.

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