Fog May Be Possible


The weather lately has been quite a story. My own little swampy road is completely under water now for a few days and I could almost canoe to the Janetville city centre. That is how it is – we have all kinds of technology, smart phones, smart TV’s, smart homes, but the weather continues to be completely beyond our “smart” command.

It has been difficult driving and twice I have been on the road with very thick fog – the kind with which you are not sure what is ahead and you are equally afraid that what is behind is not going to notice your car in time to slow down, and you are not completely sure where you are even though you are on familiar roadways. I was on the 115 highway and I could see just barely through the thick fog that there was a dim orange light on the shoulder. Knowing that there was often a sign there I paid particular attention to try to read what it said, in case there was a road closure or an important notice. Straining to see I slowly moved through the fog that was hiding the message from view. At the last second, I was able to read it: “Fog may be possible.”

Spectacularly helpful sign!

That being said, there are often very helpful signs on the road. But sometimes when we are in the thick of a problem, a sadness, a change, we’re already pretty sure about the conditions of the path and a sign confirming the trauma is not that helpful. Journeying through life and work and relationships can be so hard sometimes, with plenty of uncertainty and unexpected calamities. I guess all we can try to do is drive through in a way that watches out for others and allows for others to drive safely too – and watch for the signs. Although, I think the one thing we can count on in our travels through this life – “Fog may be possible”.

Thanks so much for all you do each day on the journey.

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