Something Familiar

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director


Last weekend at the end of reading week for my daughter, she was invited to a gathering at a friend’s home. In the planning she was asked to pick up another friend from an apartment building in Lindsay where my daughter had never been. So, being of the age where everything is answered by Google, she searched the address. With the Google maps reference she was still unsure where the building was so she looked at the Google earth photo. As she looked at the building, she did the “pan around” option and not only recognized the house across the street but found herself looking at a photo of her very own grandfather cutting the grass. Needless to say, she knew where she was going.

The whole story made me laugh, but also made me think about all the times that we find ourselves in completely unknown circumstances or roles or situations or locations.
And even though we are quite nervous and disoriented, a careful review or observation
soon finds something familiar. In a crowded room of strangers, one familiar face; in a
complex project of unknown outcome, a comfortable method; in a world that seems hostile and not inclusive, a safe haven of accessibility and community.

I know I now have yet another helpful mantra – if feeling a little lost, unsure or confused, take a moment, pan around and look for Grandpa Wally on a lawnmower. Doubtless he will be there, closer than I can imagine.

For all you do, and find and seek out, I thank each of you.

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