Saturday Serendipity

pexels-photo-256546.jpegFrom the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director

A few weeks ago I first heard that a movie had been made of the book “A Wrinkle in Time” by Madeleine L’Engle. Hearing that made me remember when I first read the book – in grade four, in Mrs. Simser’s English class. At the time, I had three brothers and, mixed with the adventure of travelling the universe, magic and family bonds with little brothers, I was entranced.

Needless to say, that was a lot of years ago, so on a recent trip to Chapters I picked up a copy of the book to read again. It is a children’s book, so a quick pick, and I read it on a quiet, sunny, Saturday morning a few weeks ago. Not quite exactly as I remembered – I guess I had embellished a few parts about the magic in my memory over the years – but still a story about family and love and courage brought back warm memories.

Later that weekend, I was meandering around my Facebook page and noticed a post from one of my few Facebook friends with whom I went to public school . It caught my eye because it was the same cover, same edition of the book in her photo and the caption read, “Took some time Saturday to reread this book – still just as magical as in Mrs. Simser’s grade four class.”

I am astounded at the level of coincidence! Now granted, interest in the book could be classed as universal with movie trailers all around, but to read the same edition on the same day, having read the book in the same place the first time? Synchronicity or coincidence, two girls in their forties unwittingly relived a part of grade four on the same day, one in Ontario, one in Florida, from exactly the same edition.

Part of the awe of this is, of course, that seeds of wonder planted by Mrs. Simser had resurfaced. I think that there is more wonder around than we  realize. Thanks, Mrs. Karen Simser and thanks, Janet Pearson, for reminding me that wonder, a good story and a cool coincidence are still very real parts of what makes life interesting.

Thank you, too, for the magic that you create each day,

Teresa Jordan

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