Believing is Seeing

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – What does it mean that parts of the continent are united for one day in colourful socks? Maybe not vast amounts of money or fashion forward trends, but it does mean that, for one day, there is a bit of fun, a bit of unity, a bit of awareness that there is a whole big world out there offering a myriad of challenges and strengths. I am always thrilled with any activity that we can do that makes our big and widespread agency feel a bit more like one place, and sock pictures from all corners definitely fit the bill.

Cormac Russell is coming to Peterborough April 20 and I am so excited. He speaks so well about building on strengths and coming together to make things better. He talks about the concept of addressing head-on the idea that there are big parts of society that are not used to having their gifts received. Just think about that in a world that we try to make better and more inclusive. What we are really up against is a society where someone’s role is only identified by a challenge or a barrier?

What we are really talking about here is building on strength, building on passions, building on what is strong. So whether it’s wearing socks to remember World Down Syndrome Day and/or accepting gifts that others may overlook or fail to value, this team has it going on.

Thanks for all you do – seeking gifts, developing talent and welcoming everyone’s style … much thanks!

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