You’re Already Packed

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From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – I sometimes travel a little with this job, and I sometimes travel a lot. In the early years, I invested in quite a robust make-up bag and stocked it with everything I could think of. In the first few years, I added more as the need arose.

Now, seven years into being an Executive Director, I am well covered in the make-up department. Yet every time that I pack to go somewhere, I throw a few things into my suitcase that might not be in the make-up bag – tooth paste, deodorant, whatever I see while packing my clothes. Inevitably, when I get to my destination, everything I need and more is packed in the make-up bag. Why do I not trust that what I need is already there?

Maybe it’s the same when we are faced with a challenge, a new role or tricky situation. We want to scramble for a hairbrush, grab yet another make-up remover, read up, talk to a friend. I think, though, that time has proven again and again that what we need is already packed.

You are learning and growing all of the time. You have skills and insights and experience all tucked away for when you need it – trust that it will be there when you need it; that all you know you will remember; that all of your skills will be at hand when required.

You’ve got this! Your make-up bag is overflowing with the competencies that brought you this far – it will not let you down now.

Thanks for all you do. Unpack and add to your kit each and every day.

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