Sandwich Synergy

selective focus photography of plate of sliced clubhouse sandwich
Photo by MJ Breiva on

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – Our recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) was a barn burner. I am so grateful that so many people stopped by to celebrate our first year. I know we will build on the successes of this year, and next year will be even bigger.

The day after the AGM, Community Living Trent Highlands hosted a training session and afterwards, there were sandwiches left over. A staff member took them to the nearest neighbour connected with our agency so that he could enjoy some free food. He had attended the AGM thought, and so his “not so thrilled” comment was, “Great, sandwiches again.”

I hold sandwiches in high esteem. I think we have learned over and over again that a sandwich and a drink are the ultimate ice breakers, the levelers, the conversation starters, the common link when we want to have a conversation, to learn about each other, to just spend time together. Community centres, churches and all gathering spaces in between understand that between two pieces of bread lies a story, a visit, a connection.

At the training, the comment was made that not taking time to develop a relationship is
like not changing the oil. Sure, you can work, support and engage with someone for a
time without really knowing that person, but it can’t evolve further than that once the engine blows up. I may have messed up that metaphor, but you get what I am saying. Stop, spend time, listen, break bread, have a conversation, develop a relationship and save a colossal engine failure later on. Let’s get excited when we hear “sandwiches again” ~ here comes another opportunity get to know someone.

Thanks for all that you do and for the all of the sandwiches you share.

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