The Power of Pink

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Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – The past Saturday, I had the privilege of thanking the supporters at the Trish’s Wish 12 km Walk-a-thon. This walk began as a one-time thing to support Trish, a high school student, with expenses in her battle with cancer. Trish did not survive but it was her wish to have the walk continued to help others. Now the Foundation of Trish’s Wish raises tens of thousands of dollars each year through several fund raisers, and supports youth in Kawartha Lakes who have medical expenses.

Being at the walk-a-thon with the community volunteers and walkers reminded me of the power of community. It’s not the dignitaries or the agencies – it’s people connected around a cause, connected by the wonderful bright light of an all too short life, connected by the drive to give back, to spread joy and help. This community power exists all over the place, but for this Saturday morning, in a sea of pink (Trish’s favourite colour) it was visible, tangible, and almost electric.

Trish’s Wish has helped many our families who experience barriers to lead a full life. As I said to the crowd, “The Foundation only asks if a young person is being held back from their destiny due to an illness or disability and then gives money to ensure a quality life.”

Here’s to Trish’s legacy, one of passing on the power of the human spirit to help others reach their unique destiny. Here’s to that human race. At the end of the day we are, after all, walking together to bring out the best in each other and our community every day. Here’s to all of you looking out for the magic of community all around – much thanks.

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