ReRoute ReDo

road covered with sand
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I had the pleasure of driving to Haliburton this week in the glorious sunshine. I live on highway 35 and it is being repaved so, over breakfast, I planned an intricate route to 0avoid the construction. It involved driving through Omemee, Downeyville, Dunsford and to Bobcaygeon. I was so confident that the minutes of extra time slowing down in villages would definitely outweigh the time spent in a flag person’s ‘stop-and-go construction world.’

As most people who live in Canada can guess, there was a great flaw in my plan … there was construction in two other places on my well-planned route! First questionable idea, thinking that I could out plan construction, and second, thinking that I could out plan wait times!

Slow downs, waits, traffic clogs, back logs, collaborations that seem to always fall behind, are so much a part of what we do. There is always a surface that needs redoing in the middle of a project that seemed so simple at the start. Best laid plans to change or reroute often end up right back where they started.

But here is the great part – I made it to Haliburton, basically on time. I had a lovely, sunny drive and all was well.

Change work is hard; day-to-day work is hard; cooperative work is hard … but the destination and the view are worth the effort.

Thank you so much for your work from day to day, for your extra effort to plan and for your course adjustments, both well thought out and spontaneous.

One thought on “ReRoute ReDo

  1. I’m enjoying these blog posts so much–they’re a wonderful way to start the week in a positive, kind, humble mindset, complete with sense of humour. Thank you!


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