Dream Catchers

bright celebration crowd dark
Photo by Abby Kihano on Pexels.com

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – I love the dreamers, the big schemes, the passion for trying something new – I love that one man had a dream for the World Championship Soap Hockey and Music Fest in Haliburton.

Let’s take a moment to honour the risk takers. Where would we be without them? Nothing tried, nothing gained. None of the big festivals that now perennially pepper our annual community event calendar would have ever been started if someone had not taken the time to try something, make a poster, book a venue, work out a tour – take a chance. And while, yes, by all measures the event in Haliburton did not draw the thousands of people that were hoped for, it was an event, it was a start.

Events are a gamble and I think everyone has a story in which the crowd that was hoped for never arrived or, on the other side, you were slapping together bologna sandwiches in a back room because people were still arriving to wish Grandma happy birthday and the buffet table was getting low.

So here is to John in Haliburton, to Donna for making our scheme work, to everyone who has put together something to celebrate in a gathering, big or small. It’s all about building community, having fun, making connections, interacting with our fellow citizens on this journey and, usually, food.

Keep ’em coming, and pack extra bologna just in case. One can never predict what will be a huge success – maybe they all are.

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