I Stop for Turtles

daisyFrom the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – A car that I followed into work one day last week had drivers who, quite obviously, knew their passion and purpose in life. The car was decorated in daisies – which was my first eye catcher – and then the bumper and back were covered in stickers compelling me, the reader, to love the earth just a little bit more… statements like, “There is no second Earth,” “I brake for turtles,” and “Live without plastic and save the oceans.”

Coming down Sherbrooke, stopping at every light, I had time to really take it all in. What I was really impressed with was the commitment and resolution required to put such clear messaging all over your transportation investment. The servitude to a mission required to make bold belief statements to all commuters around was abundantly apparent.

I worry too much. I make bold statements, but soften them with, “I have come to believe…” Or in times of great disagreement, I will overuse the phrase, ‘sort of’. For example, “It would seem to me that we have sort of reached an impasse and need to explore each other’s ideas a bit more in order to sort of be clear on how we can sort of compromise.”

OK, maybe I ‘sort of’ exaggerated my quote but you ‘sort of’ get the idea of how I handle myself when faced with someone who thinks completely differently and I want them to hear my thoughts and ideas. This car, however, did not say, “Stop for turtles when you can” or “Save the oceans as you see fit.” This driver was clear, impassioned, succinct and sure.

We all have our bumper stickers, sure things that we know to be true for ourselves and that we can, we hope, make others see to be important truths. In sharing, in some way, we may not convert the entire audience but pause-for-thought about a world view or passion will have an impact in ripples all around. I ‘sort of’ know that to be a timeless truth.

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