Lunchtime Learning

eggs in tray on white surface

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – I recently sat in a lunch room with someone who does not like cheese or eggs. Actually, that is a bit inaccurate – she hates them. While this fact may not sound earth shattering to you, I was stunned to think that someone could be happy in a dark, flavourless world where melted cheese in copious amounts on top of just about anything did not instantly solve the problems of a day – or where the deliciousness of an egg cooked in about a dozen different ways did not instantly brighten one’s morning, or any time of day.

Here it is – a person who I like, respect and learn from I now know from this conversation, is completely bonkers. Isn’t this how it seems when we meet someone who is completely different from us in some way – who has a different world view, different priorities, different motivators, different joys, different likes, different fears – and if too different, it just feels strange?

This experience was the beginning for me in understanding that timeless truth – we do not see the world as it is, we see it as we are. What is wondrous and comfortable for me can be easily seen as bonkers to someone else with their different lens.

So, no, my acquaintance who hates eggs and cheese is not really bonkers. We are all the sum of all our experiences, lessons, attitudes and genes, and our food preferences are part of the beautiful unique package. There is so much to gain when we are open to learning and seeing all these other perspectives. There is a trove of untold wonder in looking at things a little differently and a little less cheesy. Here’s to the different, you are ‘eggsactly’ what we need.

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