Wobbly Wisdom


From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – I recently read an important piece in the Globe and Mail called, “Put down the self-help books.”  It was the catchy title of the article that drew me in, as I have been known to advocate for finding your own treasure inside yourself and all that.

This was a compelling article in which Michael Unger argued that resiliency is not an inside job but rather a matter of resources. The author speaks of the study of many young people at risk and reported that a key determining factor for them is not how many services are involved in their “cases,” but whether they have a family, a network, a congregation or a community of support around them. The statistics, again and again, Unger argued, support that even the most dysfunctional of family ties are more important than world class therapy when it comes to weathering the storm.

I have been know to talk about three legs to the stool, that if our work life is one and family a second, we need a third to keep us from wobbling – be it, model boat club, church, under water basket weavers society – whatever.  Another connection is essential so that we have a balance of support for our seat.

I still think that self-help books are important, to our attitude and in our willingness to ask for help.  Unger though, does seem to prove to me that true help comes both from within and from all around as we travel this life.

Thanks for all that you do each day, helping each other and others.

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